Webinar on Oxford and Coronavirus

A Three Capitals webinar on Oxford’s role in tracking and combatting the pandemic

We are very pleased to be continuing our Three Capitals Webinars series with our colleagues at the Oxford University Societies in Mexico City and Washington DC.

Our second webinar in our series will address the most pressing of current events: the work at Oxford to track the spread of coronavirus and to develop a vaccine against the disease.

We will feature Dr Moritz Kraemer, a Research Fellow in Oxford’s Department of Zoology and an Associate of the Oxford Martin Programme on Pandemic Genomics.

Date: Thursday, 27 August 2020
Time: 10h00 Ottawa (09h00 Mexico City, 10h00 Washington DC)
Registration: At Zoom Webinars

The race against the pandemic has become the single most urgent and most globally engaging struggle of our times. Oxford’s international reach and the depth of its research capacity have placed our University in the vanguard of that race. Dr Kraemer’s talk promises to be an absorbing one.

As always, registration is free, but places are limited, and will be allocated first-come-first-served.