Oxonian Leadership in North America

Ottawa, Mexico City, and Washington DC’s contribution to Oxford’s Meeting Minds Global 2021

Oxford University’s Meeting Minds Global 2021 hosted the fourth instalment of the Three Capitals series, an ongoing collaboration by the Oxford University Societies in Ottawa, Mexico City, and Washington DC.

Oxonians from every region of the globe joined us for a conversation with a distinguished panel of North American alumni, who spoke to the question, “What did your time at Oxford mean to your personal development as a leader, and how did it enable you to exercise leadership in North America?”

Our speakers were: Canada’s Astrid Guttmann, Chief Science Officer for the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences; Mexico’s Alejandro Ramírez, CEO of Cinépolis; and the United States’ Ebonique Boyd, Executive Director of NEXXXT.

Our moderators were: Ottawa’s Akaash Maharaj; Mexico City’s Karine Yuki; and Washington DC’s Sean Denniston.

The discussion was lively, insightful, and occasionally irreverent.

We are immensely grateful to our speakers, and to the Oxford University North American Office for inviting us to be part of Oxford’s premier global event.